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Insulation Installation

Moisture Control

Eliminate and Expel Uncomfortable Humidity

Do not ignore it when water in the form of damp air takes over your property as it can bring further destruction and harm to your health. Improve the air quality of your home and building through the moisture control services that Cleaning Technologies Inc offers.


We are a locally owned and operated business that will provide you with a comfortable and healthy living environment after we complete our work. Know more about moisture control by contacting us today. Get FREE estimates!

Prevent Moisture Damage

The professionals from Cleaning Technologies Inc will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the type of moisture problem you have and its corresponding treatment. Trust our over 25 years of experience in the business.

Moisture Control Includes:

 Moisture barriers


 Dehumidification system coatings

 Crawl space doors

 Replacement siding

 Brick molding

 Fascia sump pumps and drain systems

 Foundation vents

 Insulation replacement

 Crawl space cleaning and structural alterations

Brick Wall

Through moisture control, you can secure your family’s health and avoid any damage to your property.

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